Aruj Pashto TV Channel Live Online Streaming

Aruj TV Live is one of the most emerging Pashto TV Channels in Pakistan. Entertain yourself by watching Aruj TV Pasto Movies, Aruj TV Pashto songs, live news, aruj tv dramas and many different entertainment programs including morning shows and Aruj TV Exercise programs.

Though our national language is Urdu but there are a lot of Pathan people demanding dramas, talk shows and songs in pure Pashto in Pakistan. Aruj TV Channel Jobs are also available for different ranks, Aruj TV requires hard working people from all over Pakistan, pathans are their first priority. It is a very great TV Channel for the viewers to know about the pathan culture. You can also watch aruj TV live streaming on their website which is specified at the end of the article.

Pashto Movies Songs and Dramas that promote the Pashto community has driven the minds of many local people of other communities to start exceling their cultures and languages through local media for a better future. Pashto Channels also respect the voice of youth in pathan community and therefore has advanced their coverage all over Pakistan so the youth can reach out to the whole nation and speak. Aruj TV also has male and female anchors and hosts in different positions according to their skill levels.

Aruj TV is broadcasted from Peshawar and has recently launched many popular Pashto dramas and entertainment programs over the years. Aruj TV has recently registered itself by pemra which is the media association of Pakistan.

Start your amazing TV journey by watching Aruj TV Online on You can set your Aruj TV Frequency (4165 H, SR FEC 5040) by contacting your nearest cable operator.

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